Unbundling Car-Buying: How Lenders Should Adapt to Digital Disruption

Digital disruptors have shaken up traditional auto finance, compelling lenders to adapt to the new paradigm or risk losing business. One critical decision for finance company executives involves determining which elements of the car-buying and -financing process are most effectively linked — and which should be kept separate.

Auto Finance Excellence is pleased to present a webinar offering best practices for auto lenders on how to advance digital capabilities by leveraging key technologies. Daniel Chu, Founder and Chief Executive at Tricolor Auto Group, will guide participants through the steps required to evaluate the startups cluttering the space to enhance product offerings and speed time to market. He will hash out how Tricolor is refocusing its digital strategy to scale mobility offerings. These are just some of the topics Chu will tackle during this exclusive event, the first in a series of quarterly webinars presented by AFE this year.

Featuring Daniel Chu, Founder and Chief Executive at Tricolor Auto Group