Can Compliance Be Fun? Tips & Tools to Make Training Engaging

The Center for Auto Finance Excellence is pleased to present the second webinar in the 2017 series, “Can Compliance Be Fun? Tips & Tools to Make Training Engaging.”

Access this webinar now to learn more about strategies to improve your compliance training, including:

  • Bringing video games to compliance
  • Live events – game shows
  • Word games
  • & Much more…

Linda Iannone, Chief Compliance Officer, Toyota Financial Services


Deepening Dealer Relationships: How can lenders win business in a time of increased competition?

In the first webinar of the  2017 series the Center for Auto Finance Excellence features two auto finance industry experts to address dealer relationships and how lenders can utilize them to increase market share in this competitive landscape.

Topics Addressed: 

  • Methods for streamlined underwriting
  • Strategies for automating processes while still personalizing experiences
  • Tips for responding to dealers’ increased demands for fast and efficient communication


George Ewing, Vice President Sales, Strategy & Development, Flagship Credit Acceptance and

Scott France,  President, Loan Portfolio Servicing, Innovate Auto Finance



Digital Lending for Auto Finance: What Do Customers Really Want?

The Center for Auto Finance Excellence invites you to view the “Digital Lending for Auto Finance: What Do Customers Really Want? webinar.

Access this 40+ minute webinar now, the final part of a four-part FREE webinar series, presented by the Center for Auto Finance Excellence through the generous support of Fiserv & Datascan.

Listen in as Jerry Searfoss, Area Sales Manager at Ferrari Financial Services and Josh Smith, Product Manager at Fiserv Lending Solution, focuses the topic on the customer:

  • What do customers really want when they need to get a loan or lease?
  • Once customers have a loan or lease, how do they want to be serviced?
  • Where do lenders need to invest their resources in digital?

View this webinar to gain a greater understanding of the opportunities and challenges in one of the most dynamic facets of financial services today – marketplace lending.

Risk & Using Behavior Analytics to Bolster Performance

Jim Bander, PhD, National Manager of Decision Science at Toyota Finance Services, discusses why most analytics projects fail and five ways to make yours succeed. In the “Using Behavior Analytics to Bolster Performance” webinar, topics covered include:

  • What is analytics
  • Benefits of being an analytical competitor
  • Best practices for analytics innovation


Risk & Opportunities for Marketplace Auto Lending Webinar

In the “Risks and Opportunities for Marketplace Auto Lending,” webinar, topics covered include:

  • Integration challenges for traditional lenders
  • Implications of Madden v. Midland
  • Assessment of current investor demand

Speakers for this webinar:

  • Scott Pearson, a partner at Ballard Spahr and leader of the firm’s Marketplace Lending Task Force, and
  • Robert Shaw, a director in PwC’s Financial Services Management Consulting practice.


Innovations for Effective Consumer Engagement and Regulatory Compliance

The Innovations in Customer Engagement, Regulatory Compliance” webinar features Joel Kennedy, co-founder and Chief Compliance Officer at Pelican Auto Finance, where Kennedy discusses tools to bolster customer engagement and regulatory compliance including:

  • The use of gamification
  • Consumer reward systems
  • Self-service options

Going Paperless: Tips & Tools for Every Stage of the Digital Lending Process

This webinar offers best practices for auto lenders on how to integrate paperless operations throughout the lending process. While some early adopters initiated paperless transactions years ago, most auto lenders are behind the curve when it comes to creating a completely digital lending environment. Hurdles include cost, and laws in some states that require so-called “wet ink” signatures. But simple reluctance to change is a factor, too. Automotive e-contracting has been referred to as “the slowest adoption of a killer app in history.”

John Koehler, Vice President of product and partner development at online auto lender CarFinance.com, will guide participants through the steps required to develop a paperless origination process. He will hash out advantages and disadvantages of a digital-only system for direct versus indirect channels, and offer valuable lessons and takeaways.


Getting Ready for CFPB Exams

In this hourlong webinar, a trio of exam experts will address the groundwork needed before regulators show up, plus some war stories from exams past. Panelists are Michael Benoit and Trisha Cacciola, partners at Hudson Cook LLP, and Jennifer Hampson, a regulatory exam specialist with VW Credit Inc.

This webinar, presented by the Center for Auto Finance Excellence with the generous support of Fiserv, was recorded August 4, 2015.

Boosting Direct & Indirect Lending Through Online Engagement

This webinar discusses best practices for auto lenders, exploring how mobile technology has equipped buyers with more information & options than ever before.

This webinar, presented by the Center for Auto Finance Excellence with the generous support of Fiserv, was recorded May 13, 2015.



Fundamentals of Auto Finance Risk Management

Risk management has taken center stage as softening yields and stricter regulatory requirements force lenders to hone and streamline operations. A critical component of that restructuring is the need for a holistic approach to risk control. Competition, technology, and compliance all factor into those decisions.

This webinar, presented by the Center for Auto Finance Excellence with the generous support of Fiserv, took place Feb. 25, 2015



Operations in Focus

With the auto lending sector facing intense scrutiny, auto financiers’ operations are coming under the microscope. Lenders have taken steps to refine underwriting practices, strengthen credit reporting functions, and track fee disclosures, among other changes. The lending landscape is changing, and all participants, large and small, must keep pace.

This webinar, presented by Center for Auto Finance Excellence with the generous support of Fiserv, took place Dec. 10, 2014.

How to Play the Great Lease Return

For the last several years, the supply of used cars has been limited, keeping prices high. But a rising supply of off-lease vehicles in 2014 will contribute to higher depreciation, and pressure residual value losses. How should lenders prepare for the coming used car flood and the changes it will bring to auto remarketing? What tools are available that might help them with this influx of product?

“How to Play the Great Lease Return,” which is hosted by the Center for Auto Finance Excellence and sponsored by Fiserv, took place on Sept. 22, 2014.



Winning Dealer Business — And Keeping It

This webinar features a presentation and Q&A session with Sarah Richard Denton, F&I manager at Kelly Cadillac in Lancaster, Pa. and president of SRD Consulting LLC.  How do vendors win the business of dealers, both independents and groups? Denton breaks down the dos and don’ts and addresses regulatory concerns over dealer compliance. Denton has 15 years of dealership experience and certification primarily with Ford and General Motors. She holds a BBA in Automotive Marketing and Management from Northwood University which she received with honors.  


Right-Sizing Your Compliance Staff

This webinar features a roundtable discussion and Q&A session that addresses how lenders are being strategic and efficient when rethinking compliance staff levels in light of potential regulatory actions from Washington. Our presenters, Andy Barksdale, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Tru Point Partners; Terri Horn, Principal Consultant, People Strategies Inc.; Richard Lewis, Senior Vice President & National Finance Group Risk Officer, Bank of the West and Eddie Ponce, JD – Compliance Expert share insights on ways lenders can address HR more strategically and efficiently.  

Access the webinar slides here.


5 Most Effective Collection Strategy Improvements

This webinar  delves into how companies can enhance existing collection practices at a time when rising delinquencies and charge-offs are starting to creep into lender portfolios. The webinar covers topics like what to do as defaults and loss severity continue to rise, ways to effectively use collection analytics, and how to address increasing compliance demands.

Access the Webinar Slides Here: 5 Most Effective Collection Strategy Improvements.

View the Recording from the Webinar Here.


From Start Up to Success

During this webinar, Navin Bathija, CEO of NEO, uncovers the best practices for developing an auto finance company.

Topics discussed in this webinar include: challenges of securing funding, the intricacies of the auto finance industry from the startup perspective, and the necessary evolution of business plans.