Why Lenders Should Consider Offering an Auto Lending App

This summer will mark the 10th anniversary of the debut of the app store which has grown to more than 2.2 million apps, which have come to occupy five hours of a consumer’s day. But, are lenders doing enough to capture that valuable screen time? Billions of smartphone owners use mobile apps daily. A consumer’s […]
  • Emma Sandler
  • May 2, 2018
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What Makes a Mobile App Great?

Bank transactions are shifting rapidly from brick and mortar branches to mobile devices (no, really, when was the last time you’ve physically deposited a check?). Having a mobile app used to be a lovely addition to lenders’ offerings, but for many customers today those apps are the primary method of communication with their finance providers. […]
  • Diana Asatryan
  • April 29, 2016
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3 Tips for Improving Mobile Apps

It’s old news to say that mobile apps are gaining traction in the financial services space. In fact, 45% of customers surveyed in the NetFinance 2016 Consumer study said that mobile apps were their preferred method of interaction with their banks. Auto lenders have recognized that trend, and have looked into leveraging their digital channels accordingly. The study, published […]
  • Diana Asatryan
  • February 15, 2016
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4 Ways BofA’s Patents Portend the Future of Auto Finance

Quick quiz: How many patent applications were filed by Bank of America Corp., the 7th-largest auto finance company in the nation, in 2014? 97 3,145 251 14 No clue If you answered C, you were correct. (If you answered E, our sympathies.) A few of those 251 patent applications relate to auto finance, and they deserve some […]
  • JJ Hornblass
  • April 1, 2015
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