How Lenders Can Reduce Friction in the Auto Sales and Finance Journey

No matter what the industry, product, or service, consumers take a “sales journey” along the path to purchase. From the first step to the last, a customer’s sales journey is the total picture of every experience a customer has with a company or brand. Each touchpoint or individual interaction between the customer and the company, […]
  • Lynn Hess
  • May 13, 2019
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Daily Reads: Harmonious Executives and Inside ‘Apple University’

CMOs and CIOs Working in Harmony While not necessarily the case in auto finance, most large companies seem to be employing Chief Innovation Officers, as well as Chief Marketing Officers. How they should work together in any industry, not just auto finance, is newly being debated. A new Harvard Business School article cites a report […]
  • admin
  • August 14, 2014
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