Auto Finance Excellence is an online community and industry resource for best practices and advice for auto finance professionals. In addition to guiding industry executives, Auto Finance Excellence is designed to inspire greater success and foster a community of collaboration.

This community offers operational knowledge to advance members’ careers, provide benchmarks for best practices, and offer an outlet to share learnings.

Members will receive:

  • Access to select sub-communities focused on specific areas, such as management,  innovation, risk, and women in auto finance
  • A members-only series of quarterly webinars centered on the most relevant topics in the industry
  • Specialized content through a monthly email newsletter
  • A monthly podcast called The Roadmap that features senior-level industry executives sharing best practices
  • Opportunity to be invited to the Auto Finance Executive Breakfast Series
  • Ability to submit content to the site for publication

This is an unparalleled opportunity to gain professional development and networking resources in this competitive industry.