DataScan to Sponsor the Center For Auto Finance Excellence

canstockphoto3160091DataScan has joined Auto Finance News and Fiserv as a sponsor for the Center for Auto Finance Excellence, the industry resource that provides best practices and actionable advice for auto finance professionals.

The Center shares unique content and insights on the practice of auto finance, furthering the overall management performance of the industry. DataScan’s participation in the Center comes amid a corporate rebranding effort, which included the launch of a new website this week.

“We have the good fortune of working with more than 50 financial institutions and are really in a position to leverage that experience to be more thought leaders in that business,” DataScan President Brent Sergot told AFN. “So I think part of the reason for us partnering with Fiserv and Auto  Finance News is to really become a leader for the industry, specifically as it relates to wholesale auto finance systems and  services.”


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