Daily Reads: Unite Employees, Understanding Customers, and the Benefits of Digital Intiatives


Harvard Business School blogged about one word that will help you be a better leader and manage your team better. The word “together” has a lot of impact psychologically, and can help promote teamwork and better communication between team members, even if they aren’t in the same room.


Understanding customers’ needs — from the car-buying process through collection efforts — is important for any lender. CopyBlogger writes that the key is being empathetic – understanding the feelings customers have during their experiences. The post includes a number of advertisements that show how to utilize empathy to better relate with customers.


Brian Solis published the Altimeter Group’s second annual “State of Digital Transformation” survey. It outlines digital strategies and initiatives taken by companies, and describes their potential benefits. It seems like the biggest advocate for digital innovation at most companies is the chief marketing officer, and the most difficult hurdle to overcome is existing company culture. But with 75% of those surveyed saying they’ve experienced a lift in customer engagement, digital initiatives could be worth it.

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