Community on Innovation Excellence

Innovation in auto finance is evolving at record speed. As new technologies emerge for consumers to utilize and purchase cars, it is incumbent upon the industry to change and adapt. This community will gather leaders to explore the leading-edge of what is next for automotive lending and leasing. The goal of this community is to focus leaders on innovative technologies and strategies that will transform the way consumers “finance” their vehicles .

As a member of the Innovation Excellence Community, you can expect to be engaged in discussions on the ridesharing revolution and mobility aggregators, blockchain implications for auto finance, navigating the mobile environment, new models for subscription programs, and much more. This community will bring together the most forward-thinking professionals in the business to explore the latest trends in the industry and to share knowledge. Members will have the opportunity to meet in-person at an exclusive networking event held in conjunction with the annual Auto Finance Innovation event, as well as at additional virtual meetings.  Join now.