Community on Executive Management

The Executive Management Community is reserved for senior industry executives who seek out insights and best practices to steer their employees and organizations to success.

The responsibilities placed on senior executives is significant. Senior auto finance executives need to foster not just internal excellence, but maintain a profound command of ever-shifting market dynamics.

Members of this community gather to share insights that result in management excellence. Topics include hiring —­ and developing — new talent, devising creative solutions to business challenges, effective deal-making, gaining a better understanding of trends in credit performance and market demand, product development, and more. In addition, the Executive Management Community will explore ways to measure management effectiveness and ensure clear communication and well-defined roles and responsibilities within auto finance organizations.

Members meet regularly at the Auto Finance Summit at closed-door gatherings that facilitate meaningful dialogue and networking. The community also gathers virtually for additional information sharing.

This community is a unique forum for top auto finance executive management to gather and work to improve members’ individual companies, as well as the industry. Join now.