Has Auto Loan Fraud Replaced Car Theft in America?

How Artificial Intelligence and Fraud Strategies Can Stem the Rising Tide of Fraud When it comes to auto theft, our cars are safer and more protected than ever. Investments by manufacturers to deter theft with engine immobilizers, LoJack, keyless entry, and other advancements have worked. In fact, the cars most commonly stolen today are older models […]
  • Frank McKenna
  • August 17, 2018
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Auto Finance Excellence Relaunches as a New Community for Industry Professionals

Auto Finance Excellence today relaunched as a comprehensive online community and industry resource for best practices and advice for auto lending and leasing professionals. At the new Auto Finance Excellence (www.autofinanceexcellence.org), formerly known as the Center for Auto Finance Excellence industry executives will find insights, ideas, and innovation on the practice of auto finance. The […]
  • Nicole Casperson
  • August 6, 2018
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FTC’s Top 10 Tips for Stronger Data Security Practices

Establishing a reliable online presence for businesses is critical in today’s digital-savvy world, and when it comes to lenders building trust in the online marketplace — it remains a challenging yet crucial component. Data breaches do not necessarily show that a company failed to have reasonable security measures, as there is no such thing as […]
  • Nicole Casperson
  • May 23, 2018
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A Renewed Call for an FHA for Auto Financing

Last year was a record low year for deep-subprime lending. This, despite the fact that overall auto finance originations climbed more than 5%. In other words, even though auto finance expanded overall, auto finance for the deep-subprime sector did not. To put it another way, the lending expansion stopped short at Ficos of 500 or […]
  • JJ Hornblass
  • April 27, 2018
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BMW Hopes Its Subscription Pilot Will Answer Some Questions

Earlier this month, BMW launched a subscription pilot in Nashville, Tenn., with the hopes of not only understanding the consumer appetite for subscription services from a luxury OEM, but also consumer behavior around such an offering. One question BMW is hoping the pilot will answer, according to Swati Licis, strategic projects manager at BMW Group […]
  • Emma Sandler
  • April 25, 2018
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Due Diligence Instead of Damage Control: Stopping Auto Lending Fraud Before It Starts

The hard-won lessons of the 2008 financial crisis are more relevant today than ever. While the mortgage industry tightened regulations and lending standards post-crisis, the same cannot be said for the auto lending industry. The volume of auto lending has been steadily growing since 2010, and fraud is unfortunately on the rise, too. While no […]
  • Fiserv Intelligence
  • April 10, 2018
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Lenders Will Require Larger Down Payments as Underwriting Tightens

Dealers and lenders have a lot of tricks at their disposal to keep monthly rates affordable for consumers. If the monthly bill is too high, just extend the term. If it’s still too high, perhaps the consumer would consider a certified pre-owned vehicle off-lease. If a new car is non-negotiable, there’s leasing. Or perhaps the […]
  • William Hoffman
  • April 6, 2018
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3 Ways AI Can Improve Your Lending Business Today

Everyone talks about artificial intelligence in futuristic terms. The internet is aflutter with discussions of whether AI is dangerous, if robots will take over a la Terminator-style, and when this will happen. But the truth is, AI is already here and making a positive impact. Research analysts predict a 300% increase in AI investment in 2018 compared […]
  • Emma Sandler
  • March 28, 2018
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Nicholas Financial Gears Up for Return to ‘Disciplined’ Subprime Underwriting

Amid a 41% year-over-year decline in originations during the fourth quarter of 2017, Nicholas Financial hopes to get “back to the basics” and reestablish its presence in the deep-subprime market, new Chief Executive Doug Marohn told Auto Finance News. “Nicholas is a lot of things, and Nicholas has enjoyed a very specific reputation for decades, […]
  • Natalie Mattila
  • March 26, 2018
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