About the Center

The Center for Auto Finance Excellence — through the generous support of Fiserv  — shares with the industry players content on best practices.

The need for the Center is clear. The resolution of the Credit Crisis and pent-up demand for automobiles have generated extensive investor interest in the auto finance industry, realized by the launch of several new ventures since 2011, as well as by an influx of investor capital into the industry not seen perhaps since the late 1990s.

For many of these new, or newly capitalized, players, operational best practices remain elusive. In fact, executives at such ventures would be hard-pressed to find a “how to” manual for auto finance and its associated technologies. The presumption is that such operational knowledge is acquired only through years of experience. Yet, the demand for such knowledge is acute.

The Center for Auto Finance Excellence is specifically designed to aid:

  • Executives preparing their auto finance company for significant growth
  • Executives seeking the knowledge to advance their careers
  • Executives who are tasked with changing their job responsibilities
  • Investors seeking benchmarks for best practices

There is no charge to join the Center. Industry executives who join receive:

Email alerts on topics that include:

  • Keys to doing market research for auto finance diversification
  • Ideas for structuring customer service operations for optimum results
  • Common IT pitfalls of auto finance startups to avoid
  • Risk-based pricing dos and don’ts
  • Registration to quarterly webinars that feature industry executives sharing best practices
  • Exclusive online content on this site, the online home for the Center’s initiatives

The Center for Auto Finance Excellence is a project of Auto Finance News, since 1996 the industry’s news source of record.

The Center is presented by Fiserv, and we are grateful to them for facilitating knowledge to those ventures in the market that are most likely to fuel the industry’s future growth.

We invite you to join the Center at no charge and utilize all it has to offer. We can be found on Twitter here. We welcome your feedback, as well.

We intend for this Center to not just guide industry executives, but to inspire them to greater success.

Thank you for being a part of our efforts.