The Roadmap

Episode 2: Navigating Subprime Auto Credit Risk

Deep-subprime lending has notably expanded in the nonbank auto space, reaching $38.9 billion outstanding as of June. Additionally, subprime auto defaults reached $1.8 billion in June, making up about 80% of all defaults in the market. In this episode of The Roadmap, Michael Vogan, automobile economist in the credit analytics department at Moody’s Analytics, details a presentation he developed on subprime auto credit, including how heightened competition and better analytical capabilities for risk modeling and repossession activity have contributed to the rise in defaults. Vogan also offers insight into where subprime loans are most concentrated geographically, how the recent hurricanes are expected to affect the auto finance market, and why he thinks payment problems are a function of underwriting policy.

Featuring Michael Vogan, Automobile Economist in the Credit Analytics Department at Moody’s Analytics.



Episode 1: Where’s the End for Depreciating Used-Car Values?

Industry leaders continue to predict where the end of the line will be for declining used-car values, but what can lenders do to prepare in the meantime? In this episode of The Roadmap, Chuck Jones, head of national indirect lending at SunTrust Banks, shares his “proactive” approach to remaining rational in the market, particularly as delinquencies rise. Jones also offers a peek into how bullish SunTrust will be with new and used financing next year. In 2014, Jones joined SunTrust Banks — which had $9.8 billion in outstandings at yearend 2016, according to Big Wheels Auto Finance 2017 — to provide strategic direction, execution, and outcomes for the business.

Featuring Chuck Jones, Head of National Indirect Lending at SunTrust Banks.