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Cybersecurity Should Be a Concern for Auto Lenders, Dealers

In the age of the internet, cyber-data security has grown to become one of the largest areas of concern for auto dealers, lenders, and their partners, EFG Companies recently cautioned. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center and CyberScout, 1,579 data breaches occurred in 2017, a 44.7% increase compared toRead More

7 Auto Finance Innovation Ideas for 2018

7 Auto Finance Innovation Ideas for 2018

For the auto finance industry, the challenge is clear: a deluge of technology change is coming, and lenders need to take action to in order not to be shut out of the competition. Lenders, dealers and manufacturers need to think about mobile payment technology and how they plan to integrateRead More

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3 Tips for Complaint Management

Complaining is an age-old habit of customers, but too many complaints about lending can lead to oversight from regulators. As such, there are some key ways to mitigate customer complaints — such as introducing some dedicated internal policies that show tangible examples of what a lender is doing to addressRead More

Mike Lavin, EVP and chief legal O=officer at Consumer Portfolio Services, joins
Robert Tennant, VP and general counsel at Veros Credit, for a panel discussion at the 2017 Auto Finance Summit.

4 Tips for Setting Up Your CMS for Compliance Success

LAS VEGAS — Compliance is a necessary but logy topic that all lenders and dealers must comply with, and having a proficient compliance management system (CMS) has — by virtue of its association with compliance — also become a de facto necessity. For Veros Credit, it took two years ofRead More

In an automotive world with seemingly ever-confusing vehicle and model names, the 2017 Nissan JUKE Black Pearl Edition is hard to misunderstand. It’s Super Black and features Pearl White exterior accents. And, it adds a surprisingly bold appearance to a vehicle that, since introduction, has had a style and personality most accurately described as “extroverted.”

Gearing Up for Retirement, NMAC VP Talks 32 Years of Industry Change

Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp. Vice President of Operations Mike McConnell has a seen a lot of change in the industry in the course of his nearly 32 years working within automotive sales and finance. When McConnell initially joined the auto space, there was one computer in the office and everythingRead More

Why Regulators Are Keeping a Close Watch on Dealers

Why Regulators Are Keeping a Close Watch on Dealers

Dealers are faced with an assortment of issues today when it comes to the red-tape of compliance. From the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to the Department of Justice and state attorneys general, they are all keeping a close watch on dealer business practices. But some issues, more than others, areRead More

Demand for Auto Loans Weaken, Fed Finds

Demand for Auto Loans Weaken, Fed Finds

Banks reported that demand for auto loans weakened in the second quarter, while demand for other consumer loans remained “basically unchanged,” according to the Federal Reserve. The findings come from 76 domestic banks and 22 U.S. branches and agencies of foreign banks surveyed by Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey on Bank LendingRead More